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CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. is an interior design firm, the corporate member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), we have won several international design awards and will carry on to achieve more interesting design projects in the coming future.


CTRC Design was established in late 2015 by Christine Tsui and Ryan Cheung, we are experienced in hospitality, F&B, commercial, retail and residential projects. From basic evaluation, design concept to comprehensive design drawing package. CTRC Design offers full design service to the clients, work collaboratively with sub-consultants, contractors during the design implementation stage to ensure the design work to proceed according to the design intended.

Our team is constantly evolving into new areas of expertise, explore new applications of design, according to the corporate image, needs and culture of the client to bespoke the design concept. Working through a wide variety of design elements, such as space planning, used of materials, the proportion of details, furniture and lightings. The objective is to provide absolute satisfaction to clients which respecting the need, vision, identity and budget of each project.





Ryan is the Co-founder of CTRC Design with over 20 years specialising in large-scale projects such as private villas, show flats, club houses and restaurants. These projects were mostly carried out in major cities for developers which were Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian in China as well as in Hong Kong.

He was working for eminent design firm as an associate and chief designer and completed numerous private villas and showflats projects while pursuing originality and creativity. Ryan is passionate to explore unique design elements in terms of form, portion, and materials to be applied in the interior space.

He has extensive range of experience on design styles from Luxury Classic to Modern Simplicity, South East Asian to Oriental and more. There is no limitation in his design point of view, his sensibility of design with a clear minded approach evolves his boundless innovation ideas and dedicates himself to provide exclusive design to clients for every project.




Christine is the Co-founder of CTRC Design. She has abundance of experienced in project management of luxury brands like BVLGARI, Loro Piana, Baccarat and more, design in hospitality of five stars hotels, retail stores of Hugo Boss, Anteprima, Elle concept stores and commercial projects located in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. She specialises in the design and development of interiors from planning to the finest of details focusing to deliver both creativity and practicality simultaneously. Her objective is bringing commitment to excellence for her clients.

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Tel: +852 3707 1993


Room 03, 15/F International Enterprise Centre 1, No.11 Chai Wan Kok Street, New Territorier, Hong Kong.

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